Welcome to the Hildegard Forum

Meeting place, restaurant, shopping area and medicinal herb garden

We warmly welcome you to the Hildegard Forum of the Sisters of the Cross on Rochusberg in Bingen am Rhein.

With this forum, we have created a place that feels quite committed to mediating the messages of St. Hildegard of Bingen. In its architecture, the forum is similar to the down-to-earth wheel of the world of St. Hildegard. Everything is very inviting and spaciously designed.

We invite you to experience this wheel of the world in a celebratory, meditating, playful, informing and enjoyable manner. Contact persons are available to you at any time. We wish you an experience-rich stay.

Reataurant Hildegard ForumGarten Hildegard Forum

The carrier and its self-image for guiding an integration enterprise

The Hildegard Forum of the Sisters of the Cross is an institution of St. Hildegardishaus gGmbH Youth and Disabled Assistance headquartered in Düngenheim/Eifel. The St. Hildegardishaus gGmbH is a work whose origin and development emanates from the now over 160-year history of the Sisters of the Cross and was founded in 2000.


Since 2004, the Hildegard Forum has been run as an integration enterprise. Thus, the carrier sees it not only as a place of encounter with the healing messages of St. Hildegard von Bingen, but also as a place to focus on the basic order of the Sisters of the Cross "to make the saving action of God visible to man". A current contribution is made to the provision of assistance to the disadvantaged in the labour market in modern form and thus new "paths to people" are cleared. The Hildegard Forum received the state award of the Rhineland Palatinate in 2005 for the exemplary employment of disabled persons. Because of the individual disabilities, special demands are placed on the training and instruction. Our commitment is also reflected in the success in the implementation of qualification measures for disadvantaged employees.

Kinder- und Jugendhilfe St. Hildegard, Bingen


The history of the Sisters of the Cross

The Community of the Sisters of the Cross was founded by Madame Adèle de Glaubitz in Strasbourg in 1848. Today the Sisters of the Cross live in Germany, France and Africa (Cameroon and Congo). The mother house of the Sisters in Germany has been in Bingen on the Rochusberg since the 1920s. The Rochusberg is also a place to meet different groups of people in different houses and share life and faith. In the newly constructed Hildegard Forum, we sisters see a place where we connect the charisma of our community with the healing messages of St. Hildegard and take new "paths to people".