Hotel on the Rochusberg

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Accommodations in a convent in modern single and double rooms for

- Friends and guests of the Hildegard Forum
- Affiliated persons of the new senior housing
- People interested in the footsteps of St. Hildegard
- Seminar and meeting guests / companies

Hotel Hildegard ForumHotel Hildegard Forum

We offer barrier-free recuperation at the 3-star level on the holy mountain in Bingen. As an integration enterprise, we also allow people with disabilities to work on the primary labour market.

We are not the biggest, but ...

... based with us, explore the most important stages in the life of Hildegard von Bingen - the Rochus chapel, Rupertsberg, the pilgrimage church in Eibingen and Disibodenberg.

... our hotel is located right at the starting point of the Rhine Hessen subsection of the Camino de Santiago. (Bingen - Worms about 75 km)

... we offer you the special atmosphere of a monastery.

... for dependent affiliates, we offer you a short-time care in our seniors living centre in the same building.

... the hotel is located in the middle of the vineyards and is an ideal starting point for hiking and biking

... 200 metres away, our restaurant offers a balanced and tasty buffet lunch. The forum often also provides cultural or spiritual seminars.

... we have a private medieval medicinal herb garden with more than 60 plants.

... the city bus stops right on the Rochusberg and brings you to the city centre in 5 minutes.

Our hotel rooms

We have 13 barrier-free hotel rooms.
(11 double and 2 single rooms)

Our rooms offer you maximum sleeping comfort, modern bathrooms and contemporary technology.

At breakfast, choose between a classic continental breakfast or the special "Hildegard" breakfast.

Parking is free on-site. For our current room rates, please refer to our price list or just give us a call.

Tel.: +49 (0) 67 21 / 181 000

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