Events at the Hildegard Forum

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Dear guests, in addition to the restaurant and the medicinal herb garden, we warmly invite you to get to know the various spiritual offers and informational opportunities of the Hildegard Forum. The Hildegard Forum is an authentic place of encounter with Hildegard of Bingen.

Here you can download the entire annual programme: Download

Booking: 0 67 21 / 92 81 58 or via contactform.

Lectures, day seminars and weekends

A lecture room is used to gain information about the life and work, spirituality, life skills and medicine science of St. Hildegard in lectures, day seminars and weekends.

Special exhibitions

The Hildegard Forum programme includes changing exhibitions about Hildegard of Bingen in the broadest sense. Here, the Forum wants to exhibit especially young artists from the region and will provide this space to you to showcase your artistic work. Contact Sr. Ancilla Maria

Audio-visual experience

A meditative space invites you to an audio-visual journey into the music of St. Hildegard and the fascinating world of images of the miniatures of the "Scivias" and "liber divinorum operum". DVDs about the sites of St. Hildegard, about her life and about her nature descriptions supplement the range of the audio-visual area.

The Offers of the Order

The Sisters of the Cross of the Hildegardishaus invite you to pray in their mother's house chapel. (The times are available on the notice board of the chapel or in the shopping area of the Hildegard Forum)

The "house on the path" of the Sisters of the Cross is open to people who:
- want to recharge
- want to find or rediscover their inner self
- want to discover their life path (anew) in an atmosphere of spiritual living
- want to ask God their questions free from the everyday burden
- to learn about monastic life
- want to deal intensively with the messages of St. Hildegard of Bingen
- are looking for a new quality of life.

If you are interested, please ask for our special brochure.

The "St. Berta" house is open to people who are looking for silence and contemplation near our monastery, but at this time want to take care of themselves.

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